Retrofit machine, SAV

We are more than ever a point to ensure the durability of your digital cutting by a mechanical improvement or good electric machines

possible improvements include:
-Replacement of the guides with total lack of game,
-Replacement of the aspiring, plateau
-Replacement of the transmission belts.

possible improvements include:
-Replacement of the electrospindles with or without tool changer,
-Installation or replacement of magnetic plates origins machine O, M to resume all work in case of breakage of Strawberry, power outage, etc.
-Implementation with flexible fogger for cutting aluminium, etc.
-Probe of tools allowing to get rid of the key point,
-Replacement of the wiring part,
-Replacement of the engine (step-to-step or Servo Motor),
-Integration knife swing with adjustable blade for cutting adhesive film, cardboard pen, paper, leather, aquilux, etc...
-Replacement numerical control (CNC) with licensed software,
-One year warranty on all replaced equipment.

For those interested, a demonstration with tests can be arranged on our site in the Paris region.

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