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FRAISEUSENUMERIQUE. COM meets the expectations of professionals, as well as in the sale of digital cnc milling machines new and used in projects of digital cutting flat on average and great series: signs, signs, indoor and outdoor decorations...

Thanks to its quality digital cutting , milling machine - mode always attracts more new customers.
Equipped with the TT3X, large digital cutting machine, milling machine - mode offers broad prospects in the creation and implementation of projects. Technology latest generation of our digital milling machine offers a quality milling.

The digital milling machine TT3X 15/30

TT3X 15/30 is a milling machine digital made in france, performing, of great dimension.
-Useful format of the machine, 1500 / 3000mm. Allows digital cutting of large panels.
-Pass under the portico, 180mm. Allows digital cutting with a thickness up to 50 mm.
High-frequency spindle, 2200W. Allows digital cutting in the hardest materials except steel.
-Tray aspiring to double
vacuum pump. Allows a maintains effective for digital cutting parts.
-Vmax, 40 m/min. For even more performance.
-Weight 750 Kg.


découpe numérique


La TT3X 15/30 découpe forex, dibon, plexiglas,PVC,aluminium, bois, aggloméré, MDF, contre-plaqué,etc
Avec vos fichiers vectorisés, nous réalisons sur mesure la majorité de vos travaux:
lettres en forex évidées pour intégration de matrices led, enseignes, décorations intérieures, décorations extérieures (lambrequins, planches de rives décoratrices...) plaques rally, moucharabiehs, silhouettes et formes diverses, décors de théatre, cinéma, plateau TV, carotte de tabac, croix de pharmacie, maquettes...


sous-traitance de découpe numérique

Possibility of subcontracting of digital cutting with makers, only su appointment.
Delivery times vary based on current orders.
The customer must provide the material and files vectorises.*
Allowed file:, DXF, PLT, HPGL, IBC...

For PDF files, a vector conversion is necessary.

Milling machine - mode will be in no way responsible for the digital cutting defects caused by errors in vector file provided by customers.